British Berkefeld Ultra Sterasyl filter

Swiss Aqua Filter - ecological water filtration solutions in Switzerland
Swiss Aqua Filter - ecological water filtration solutions in Switzerland
Swiss Aqua Filter - ecological water filtration solutions in Switzerland

British Berkefeld Ultra Sterasyl filter


The world reference for gravitational filters.

For our British Berkefeld fountains 1L, 6L, 8.5L, 12L

The original Ultra Sterasyl carbon-ceramic filter, from British Berkefeld, produces safe, great-tasting, filtered drinking water, removing 99% of pollutants and contaminants, including PFAS, as well as bad odors and bad tastes from water , whatever its origin. It is the choice of most non-governmental organizations in the field.

Performance certified by WRAS , WQA , LUCIDEON .

Ultra Sterasyl preserves the minerality of the water.

Ultra Sterasyl filters from British Berkefeld are manufactured in England, in a socio- and eco-responsible manner, in an EPA-certified establishment.

Reference W9121226
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The British Berkefeld® Ultra Sterasyl Gravitational Water Filter consists of a ceramic micro-filter outer shell containing granulated activated carbon and heavy metal removal media. It offers you, for 6 months, up to 1,500 liters per filter, of drinking or cooking water, coming from any source (lake, well, river, tap, etc.) made perfectly healthy for the body and freed from pollutants and contaminants such as: bacteria, chlorine, organic substances, pesticides, herbicides, lead and pharmaceutical products, more than 99%.

It significantly improves the taste and smell of water.

Certified: WRAS , WQA , LUCIDEON

Dimensions: 205 x 45 mm

The Ultra Sterasyl ceramic-carbon filter is the result of two centuries of research and innovation in the field of fine filtration, by the inventors of gravitational filtration .

Ultra Sterasyl filter => 4 levels of water purification:

1. Ceramic exterior: microfiltration (0.2 micron) of pathogenic organisms (bacteria, parasites, cysts, etc.), sediments and impurities (turbidity) > 99.999%

2. Interior of the ceramic: anti-bacterial formula, avoids any internal microbiological development

3. Granulated activated carbon: Elimination of bad tastes, odors, chlorine, chlorinated derivatives > 94%. Residues and chemicals > 80% (herbicides, pesticides, atrazine, phenols, trialomethanes, aromatic hydrocarbons, etc.). Residues from personal care products and medications > 80%

4. Anti-heavy metal media: Reduction of heavy metals and pesticides (lead, glyphosate, etc.) > 99.9%


  • Perfluorinated compounds (PFAS): eternal pollutants
  • Bacteria and cysts
  • Chlorine and chlorinated derivatives
  • Heavy metals (lead and aluminum, etc.)
  • Drug and hormone residues
  • Chemical products (pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, etc.)
  • Neutralizes bad odors and bad taste of water

Data sheet

Water supply
Any source (tap, lake, rain, well, etc.)
Maximum flow in use
0.85 L/h per filter (i.e.: 1.7 L/h with 2 filters or 3.4L/h with 4 filters)
Filter life
6 months / 1500 liters (whichever comes first)
Compatible systems
British Berkefeld 1L
British Berkefeld 6L
British Berkefeld 8.5L
British Berkefeld 12L
Clean the outside of the filter with the abrasive surface of a sponge, under cold water: before the first use, then approximately once a month.
First use of the filter: throw away the first filtered water.
Filtration process
Without Bisphenol A
Filtration threshold
0.2 microns
Max temperature filtered water
Made in England in an EPA certified company
Coal in pellets
Filtration of pollutants and contaminants
British Berkefeld


Performances Ultra Sterasyl (FR)

tableau des performances de filtration du filtre Ultra Sterasyl (en français)

Download (372.9KB)