The new range of BioTect sink filtration solutions from Doulton® is designed to accommodate the latest generation filters: the BioTect Ultra® and the BioTect Ultra SI® with anti-scale inhibitor.

Handmade in England and independently certified, these new 4 or 5 layer ceramic-carbon filters remove over 99% of pollutants and contaminants present in your mains water, while preserving its minerality.

A range that is easy to install and use, directly connected to your tap, ideal for tenants and to accompany you from one place of residence to another:

RELIABLE > certified by international water institutes: NSF , WRAS , WQA , LUCIDEON

FAIRS > manufactured in the United Kingdom in an EPA-certified company.

ECO-RESPONSIBLE > durable, without operating energy, without water discharge.

A simple and complete range:

2 Doulton® BioTect under-sink systems

HCS BIOTECT > 1 stage > Stainless steel/Brass 

HCP BIOTECT > 1 floor > BPA-free food grade plastic

2 filters to choose from


BIOTECT ULTRA SI ® (with anti-scale inhibitor)

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