Offer Your Customers Doulton Quality

As a Swiss sanitary plumber, you're always looking to provide your customers with the best solutions at the best price. That's why we encourage you to consider installing Doulton under-sink water filtration systems, available exclusively for Switzerland from Swiss Aqua Filter. You can choose between becoming a dealer of Doulton under-sink water filtration systems or simply being an installer recommended by Swiss Aqua Filter. In both cases we will refer to you customers living in your area who are interested in installing a Doulton under-sink filtration system. 

The Benefits of Doulton Filtration Systems for Your Customers

Exceptional Performance 

Doulton systems offer superior filtration, ensuring pure, healthy water for your customers.

Quality Certification 

Doulton products are certified, ensuring filtered water meets the most stringent quality standards: NSF/ANSI 43 and 52, WRAS, LUCIDEON, WQA,...

Simplified installation 

Doulton systems are simple and efficient to install, allowing you to quickly satisfy your customers and offer a wide range of pricing options for your installations, thereby broadening your customer base.


Doulton products are designed to perform over the long term, guaranteeing your reputation.

Doulton's Bicentenary History

Since 1826, Doulton has been committed to providing pure water to millions of homes around the world. Over two centuries of experience in water filtration makes them a proven and reliable choice for your customers.

Commitment to Eco-Responsibility

Doulton is strongly committed to environmental responsibility. Their filtration systems are designed to minimise environmental impact while ensuring exceptional water quality for your customers (see Doulton's history since 1826). Reliability, durability and responsibility are the high expectations of today's customers that Doulton products meet.

Made in England

Doulton products are made entirely in England, including filter cartridges. Quality standards are strictly adhered to. Your customers will also appreciate this guarantee of British quality.

Accessibility for all

We provide a quality, certified response to your offer of affordable solutions, to broaden your customer base while maintaining your excellent reputation. Doulton's exceptional value for money under-sink water filtration systems are accessible to tenants and the middle classes.

Offer your customers Doulton quality. 

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