The quality of the water that you offer to your employees and customers has a real impact on their daily well-being and their perception of your company.

Doulton® & British Berkefeld® over-the-sink , under-sink and portable filtration systems are independently certified by independent international water quality organizations NSF , WQA , LUCIDEON and WRAS , ensuring safe, great-tasting water , ideal for making exquisite coffees and teas.

The cost per liter of water, purified more than 99% by our systems, is significantly lower than that of bottled water (approx. 8 cents/L compared to 80 cents/L) for water of much better quality, retaining all its minerality. Eco-friendly made in England, these Doulton® & British Berkefeld® water filtration systems also communicate socio- and eco-responsible values to your customers and your team, discreetly highlighting your commitment to employee well-being and the environment.

By opting for Doulton® and British Berkefeld® water filtration solutions, Swiss SMEs can offer their employees and customers certified superior quality water at an affordable cost. Additionally, by offering great-tasting water, you create a welcoming and personalized experience for your customers, thereby reinforcing their attachment to your business. Offer much more than just a drink to your customers and employees, offer attention that conveys strong values and take care of their health.