For seniors, athletes and all those who aspire to take care of their body and their health, the quality of the water we drink is a major issue.

It constitutes a large part of our body. The quality of the water we consume is even more decisive when our body is subjected to exercise and becomes more vulnerable.

Unfortunately, the water we drink isn't as healthy as we'd like...or should. Sources of pollution are increasing and private treatment plants responsible for treating water from municipal networks in Switzerland are unable to effectively eliminate the constantly evolving chemical contaminants. The excessively powerful water flows that they must constantly treat do not physically allow for fine filtration: the only one that correctly eliminates pollutants and contaminants while preserving the essential minerality of the water.

The alternative, bottled water, is far from ideal. Stored in PET containers, it is vulnerable to contamination by plastic chemicals, particularly PFAS.

Over-the-sink , under-the-sink or portable water filtration systems from Doulton® and British Berkefeld® are independently certified by international water organizations NSF , WQA , LUCIDEON and WRAS , ensuring your water is healthy and safe again. fresh, which retains all its minerality.

In addition to their unique certified effectiveness, Doulton® and British Berkefeld® are brands committed to sustainability and eco-responsibility. Finally, their products are made in the south of England with respect for people.

Whether you are looking for an over-the-sink , under-the-sink , single or multiple solution for your kitchen, or a gravitational fountain , which can be used anywhere; Doulton® and British Berkefeld® offer a complete range that will filter at least 99% of pollutants and contaminants present in your water.

By choosing Doulton® and British Berkefeld®, you provide your body with a safe source of water while contributing to the preservation of our planet and respect for workers. Take care of your health and the environment. And save per liter of water compared to water in plastic bottles or filtered in small PET cartridge systems without any reliability certification.

Distributed exclusively in Switzerland by Swiss Aqua Filter, reliable and durable water filtration from Doulton® and British Berkefeld® will accompany you for a better, healthier and more sustainable life.

Invest in your well-being as well as that of our planet. Opt for Doulton® and British Berkefeld®. Make the right choice for water.