Water filtered by Doulton® and British Berkefeld® systems: the best choice for expectant mothers, toddlers and the environment.

For pregnant women, young children and, indeed, for everyone, filtered drinking water is now essential. Over-the-sink and under-the-sink filtration systems from Doulton®, as well as gravity fountains from British Berkefeld®, are the solution for ensuring pure, healthy drinking water. The systems from these two-hundred-year-old British brands are the only ones on the market to have been rigorously tested and independently certified by international water quality control bodies: NSF, WQA, LUCIDEON and WRAS. They are also socially and environmentally responsible (manufactured in England in an EPA-accredited company, using minimally processed and sustainable materials. They consume no operating energy and discharge no water.)

Everywhere, in Switzerland and elsewhere, tap water, even when it is considered potable, still contains pollutants and contaminants. The situation is now getting worse, as the sources of pollution are multiplying, and water treatment plants are struggling to filter out these ever-changing contaminants effectively. Their flow rates are too high for them to be able to carry out fine filtration: the only truly effective method, while preserving the essential minerality of the water.

What's more, as soon as it leaves the treatment plant, the water chemically treated by these private plants travels dozens of kilometres, sometimes more, in pipe networks that are often from another age, where the water becomes contaminated again, particularly by heavy metals (lead, etc.), after the tests carried out at the end of the water treatment plant.

Finally, you should know that the last section of pipework, the one that connects your house, building or residential district to the municipal network, is the sole responsibility of the owner and the water company. In practice, at this last stage before your tap, where the water can stagnate for days, nothing is checked, nothing is inspected...

This is particularly worrying for pregnant women and young children, as their developing bodies are even more sensitive to these contaminants and pollutant residues. The potential long-term health risks are therefore increased, making the need for water filtration crucial today.

You might think that bottled water is a safe alternative, but unfortunately this is not the case. Bottled water is often stored in clear PET containers, making it vulnerable to contamination by plastic chemicals. In addition, the method of storage and the duration of storage are often unknown, which can alter the quality of the water over time.

Finally, the bottled water industry contributes massively to environmental pollution, particularly due to the widespread presence of perfluoroalkyl compounds (PFAS) in plastic bottles.

The good news is that Doulton® and British Berkefeld® manufacture their water filtration systems by hand, in the south of England, using low-processing, low-environmental-impact materials that are certified PFAS-free.

Not only are they independently tested, they are also socially and environmentally responsible.

There's nothing more precious than the health of your family and our planet. By choosing Doulton® and British Berkefeld® water filtration systems, you are choosing perfectly filtered drinking water that retains all its minerality. You are also choosing sustainability and respect for the people who make your products and for the environment.

Protect yourself and your family, while preserving the environment, with Doulton® and British Berkefeld® domestic water filtration solutions.